The San Tan Wedding's Package is truly your most affordable option for a wonderful, colorful, complete wedding.
You can choose the venue, park, retention basin, hall, living room, gazebo or backyard of your choice for your special day. Your officiant will consult with you for the writing of your vows. With photography and refreshments, it's a true bargain.

Wedding Package - $900
Will travel and do outback, camping, four wheeling, equestrian and fantasy themed weddings for $900 plus mileage ($2/mile)

* Photos are snapshots delivered to Walgreen's or you can pick up a thumbdrive provided by you (5G+ please). They belong to you without restriction or further cost. Release provided.
* Music can be CD, MP3 on SD card or USB thumbdrive. I need this 30 days before the wedding, preferably.
*Colors: White, Black, Red, Lt.Purple, Dark Purple, Berry (mauve), Lime Green, Teal, Blue (Light and Royal), Yellow, Lt. Pink, Dark Pink, Brown, Burlap, Orange, Coral -- all others $100 extra.
Notes: $200 deposit (save the date) due at signing. See contract.
Not responsible for weather.
Wedding venue arranged by you. No cost and low cost suggestions available.
See some of the parks, local and statewide, we have used on the galleries page and on FACEBOOK.

Disclaimer - Important!
We do not become involved in your same-site reception except to serve the package refreshments and take photos in your contracted time. We are glad to allow you to use the ceremony chairs for the reception during your contracted time. We do not provide guest tables, guest linens, centerpieces, catering, cakes etc. We do not assist you in setting-up or taking-down any of your own equipment or decorations - including but not limited to signs, lights, bows, candles, linens, food etc.  I do not arrange photos, gifts, guest book, bubbles, fans etc. We have Plenty of our own things to lift, move, display, pack and organize. We do not restrict you from bringing anything to your package that you would like. We do not haul your catering or decorating trash, just the napkins and cups used for the refreshment service.

See our Facebook page for all of our wedding albums and 5-star reviews...

Look over the Contract and corresponding worksheet then call with questions.
    *Our contract clearly spells out what we provide.
    *Our Worksheet details exactly what is included.
    *Please read them carefully and then ask any questions you have by e-mail, over the phone before your free initial consultation.
Nancy (480) 209 8836

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